We Had A Wonderful Weekend !
Nothing But Blue Skies As Far As The Eye Could See!!
I Am So Thankful For Those Who Have 
Made It Possible For America To Stay The
Land Of The Free
We put our flag out for the holiday and I finally got a couple of hanging plants up too.  The windows you see across the top ridge of the house are the skyline windows at the top of my studio's vaulted ceiling. 
Last week in a previous post I showed you the little wren nest full of speckled eggs in this red basket of Geraniums and guess what.....
The little babies are hatching!!  I'll post more pics when they get a little bigger.
Summer is finally getting here, it's about 90 degrees here today and my tomato plants have more than doubled in size already!  Just makes my mouth water thinking about the coming harvest!
As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said..
Earth Laughs In Flowers!
Hope you are having a great week!!  Until next time.....I wish you Peace....

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