A Bird Is Nesting In My Hanging Geranium Plant!
 I don't usually post on the weekend, but I just had to share this
with you today!
I took my hanging geranium plant down to pick off the dead leaves and the mama bird (a little wren I think) flew out and squawked feverishly at me! 
This is why she was so mad! 
 But I am happy to say she forgave me because I noticed later she did fly back into the nest.......
Hopefully once they hatch I can get another picture and post it!! 

 Have a great weekend....until next time.....I wish you peace


Like brown paper packages tied up with string

are a few of my
Favorite Things.

So that is just what I have been designing for the last few weeks.
Like these cute little Purse Tags I made.  I decided to make some with regular words like this one....and with texting abbreviations for an instant personalized message.  These tags would look great on a purse, bookbag or manbag.
I had been wanting to come up with a contemporary and stylish way to label my glass storage jars so I decided to make hang tags for them too.  I love the way they turned out and it was the perfect finishing touch these glass jars needs.  
These Salt and Pepper containers from the dollar store were exactly the right size for my coffee bar in the kitchen.  I put cinnamon and stevia in them and made these tags to identify the ingredients.   It makes it so much easier for my guests to find what they need when getting their morning coffee.
Of course by this time I had gone completely bonkers making tags for everything imaginable, even my homemade yogurt! 
I even made tags for my storage boxes that had a space for a
 label, but I made  metal tags for them instead.
 With all this tag creating going on I decided to start listing some of these on Etsy.
  So of course I needed to decide how to package my little gems......
This is what I came up with for the Garden Tags I showed you earlier this week.
I grabbed a great picture from the Graphics Fairy  and printed 3 across using the "wallet" size printer option, then cut them long with the blank space below each picture for the bottom.  After punching holes for the stakes to go through I slid them into cello bags for that finishing touch! 

Simply styled, Professional looking and Functional.  I am already dreaming about and working on other great packaging uses for some of The Graphics Fairy's artful freebies.  I'll be posting those up soon.

Thanks for stopping in today!  Until next time.......I wish you Peace.


If you would like to show off one of your latest handmade projects just click on the Show & Tell page link above then add your picture and link using the McLinky tool.  We would love to see your latest projects so go ahead...... link up! 

(Thanks Karen for another great graphic for my Show & Tell Button!) 
If you would like to see more great free graphics check out the Graphics Fairy HERE


Monday Morning Coffee Time
Just getting my first cuppa this morning and looking out at the lush green that is starting to grow in my yard....
This is the area of the yard we call the B & B for the Birds......Bath and Breakfast
The vine behind the Birdbath is clematis and the plants in the front are Lambs Ear, very soft fuzzy leaves.   In about a week the Lambs Ear plants will have light pink flowers at the top of the long stems.
I got a hanging plant of pink impatients last week at Lowe's for $5.98 and divided up the plants in the pot to fill in around the hostas and ferns.  It's a great way to get larger bedding plants without the larger price.
I was so sad when I got my terra cotta pots out this year and my biggest one had cracked and broke....so I decided to salvage what I could and took the broken pieces and lined one of my other planters instead of using gravel for drainage.
   I took the broken pot and "planted" it in the ground, then filled it with annual flowers and covered the edges with some of the area gravel to keep the dirt from washing away.  I'll post more pics as it fills out so you can see the results of this experiment.
This is our first attempt at using the upside down tomato planters....looks like we have a good start, this is about 2 weeks after we planted the tomato tower.  I'll post more pics as it grows.
Purple Petunias
One of our resident squarrels, he just finished breakfast from the corn we put out for them.  I'm hoping this will keep them away from the bird feeders!
Hope you are having a great start to your week.  Check back tomorrow for some highlights on my newest Etsy Listings and tag design projects in progress.

Until next time............I wish you......Peace


New Listings On Etsy
Each of these tags were designed by me then handcut, handstamped and sealed for extra durability.
I love the way these turned out!  Wouldn't these make a great gift for someone that loves gardening??
I am making these in both COPPER and TIN.
Each plant marker comes with a stake (made by me also) in the design pictured here. 
I though these would be great for decorating with too, or for a plant exchange or garden party. 
It would add that extra special little touch to the plant you wanted to trade, and could be used in a centerpiece for your garden party.
  I added a copper eyelet to each of the tags as extra reinforment for the hanger.
 I will be taking  orders for custom sizes, words, and quantity.  These can be ordered in copper or galvanized tin.
If you would like to order some click here to see my Etsy store.

  I have more listings coming soon for additional metal tags for storage and organizational needs.  I think the metal tags give a stylish flair to tagging your storage containers but are very practical as well!
Thanks for stopping by the blog!  Until next time......I wish you Peace.........


Here is the new TGIF Graphic for this Friday....ENJOY!
I pulled this cute Mother and Child Picture from my collection of 1908 Magazines.....
Have a Great