A Bird Is Nesting In My Hanging Geranium Plant!
 I don't usually post on the weekend, but I just had to share this
with you today!
I took my hanging geranium plant down to pick off the dead leaves and the mama bird (a little wren I think) flew out and squawked feverishly at me! 
This is why she was so mad! 
 But I am happy to say she forgave me because I noticed later she did fly back into the nest.......
Hopefully once they hatch I can get another picture and post it!! 

 Have a great weekend....until next time.....I wish you peace


  1. oh..so sweet!PLEASE post when the petite birds have hatched. i sooo love my oiseaux as well. i too have a nest just outside my sunroom window. there are 3 robin's eggs waiting to hatch. i can't wait! thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Oh wow! Do you know what kind of bird it is?

  3. It's a Wren....really chews me out when I try to water my plant! The little eggs were so cute.