I Can hardly believe that it is October already, so much has happened since my last post.  We went camping in COLORADO for 10 days, then stopped in ALBEQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO  on our way home  where we  had a great visit with family and went to the Albequerque Growers Market.  At the Growers Market we purchased a large bag of chili peppers and watched them being roasted....pictures forthcoming...After that....I went on a cruise to  ALASKA  and WOW! what a beautiful, WILD  and breathtaking state!!  Had a great time with my son Nick who is a guest entertainer on the ship I was on ~ The GOLDEN of Princess Cruise Lines.    The shows were of course awesome!!  It was great getting a chance to meet some of the people my son works with and was glad to see that he has such a great bunch of people to work with.  We had 3 stops in Alaska and 1 stop in VICTORIA, CANADA before coming back to our original port of SEATTLE, WASHINGTON.  I stayed in Seattle for 2 days after the cruise was finished and visited with more of my family and we spent some time one day at PIKES PLACE MARKET, more great pictures from these events in the next few weeks. And if you can believe it, in-between all these trips, I have been canning, freezing and pickling a pantry full of goodies for our winter larder.  Hope you get a chance to check back next week and see all the great pics from these events.   Soon to come too are more great DIY projects for Christmas gift giving.   A  big thank you to The Graphics Fairy for the free pumpkin graphic used above for this article.  You can find more free graphics on her web site HERE.   Until next time....I wish you Peace..