Time Warping ~ Caribbean Style
(The first posting for this cruise story is under the subheading at the top of the page tuesdays traveling toothbrush.)
Today I'm feeling a little bit like this Salvador Dali picture of the melting timepiece. For the last several weeks I have either been preparing to travel or traveling and all with an agenda packed with constant activities. Going from the “dark ages” of winter here in the midwest to the sunny beaches of Florida to hop onto our son's cruise definitely felt a little surreal.
For the next couple of weeks I will be putting up several posts a week that will give a little insight into the world of Caribbean cruising. But these posts will not only be about cruising like the average person....you see our son is one of the lead singers in the shows that his Cruiseline puts on....so you will also get a glimpse into the world of entaintment......Cruise Ship Style.
So stop by next week for the first post about our cruising experience.  Below is a picture of  the world we left behind the day we hopped aboard our plane for Florida. It was snowing and the temperature was hovering in the low 30s.
And this is the ship we hopped aboard for our 1 week cruise.
Hope you are all staying warm out there and if you are like me you are ready for spring to stay put!!  Until next time............I wish you Peace...........


Another Work Space Added To The Studio !!
I recently completed a class in stained glass and realized that now that I had learned how to solder I could try my hand at soldered jewelry  (if you would like to see my soldered jewelry check out the jewelry postings listed in the right sidebar.)  After working on a few soldering projects I decided that I really needed to have my soldering workspace closer to a window for better ventilation, thus my new workstation was born.  I had recently purchased some additional shelving that is actually made to fit in a closet but we modified it by adding a shelf across the middle section where the clothes hanging bar goes.  It turned out really well and has been a great workspace.
If you have a studio workspace I would love to see some of your pics and hear about how you set yours up...all you need to do is make a comment on this post and add your blog link within the post.   Here are a few more pics of  my studio (as you can see it is not very organized right now, but I had several projects in process when I took these pics.)
Until next time.....I wish you Peace..........


More Collage Jewelry Finished !!






Today it's been all about making collaged jewelry......take a look at my finished projects!

These Pendants are made using 2 microscope slides with a small handmade art collage sandwiched between the two slides.  The sides were joined together with adhesive copper foiling and then the project was soldered and embellished.

I used free graphics I got at The Graphics Fairy in making the collage part of my jewelry.  There is a link in the right sidebar if you
want to check out her blogsite.






Home Again, Home Again ~ Jiggity Jig
(Just A Little Teaser Picture From Our Trip, have you figured out what I am eating yet? It definitely was yummy!  Here's a little hint, we ate this on the French side of St. Martin.)

 We just returned from the sunny beachs of the Caribbean!  Guess we brought back a little of the sunny weather to our area, it is supposed to get up to 62 degrees today!!  Yeah!  As soon as I get caught up I plan on posting pictures from our trip and update my readers on what the latest news is here at the Art Pod.  Until then soak up the sun if you are getting any of this great warmer weather.  Until next time.......I wish you Peace.