Time Warping ~ Caribbean Style
(The first posting for this cruise story is under the subheading at the top of the page tuesdays traveling toothbrush.)
Today I'm feeling a little bit like this Salvador Dali picture of the melting timepiece. For the last several weeks I have either been preparing to travel or traveling and all with an agenda packed with constant activities. Going from the “dark ages” of winter here in the midwest to the sunny beaches of Florida to hop onto our son's cruise definitely felt a little surreal.
For the next couple of weeks I will be putting up several posts a week that will give a little insight into the world of Caribbean cruising. But these posts will not only be about cruising like the average person....you see our son is one of the lead singers in the shows that his Cruiseline puts on....so you will also get a glimpse into the world of entaintment......Cruise Ship Style.
So stop by next week for the first post about our cruising experience.  Below is a picture of  the world we left behind the day we hopped aboard our plane for Florida. It was snowing and the temperature was hovering in the low 30s.
And this is the ship we hopped aboard for our 1 week cruise.
Hope you are all staying warm out there and if you are like me you are ready for spring to stay put!!  Until next time............I wish you Peace...........


  1. Hi there! I dropped in on you but couldn't find your E-card widget. :( Just wanted to let you know so you can look into it! Nice blog BTW! :)

  2. I am loving spring too! I don't want summer to come!

  3. woww,, Caribbean Princess Style.
    so what's happening onboard ?

    what's your itinerary ?

  4. Hi REAusetkmt!
    Thanks for stopping in on the blog. Actually our trip is done now and as soon as I can get the new way to post pics up and running I will have stories and pics from the cruise on my traveling toothbrush page.