Another Work Space Added To The Studio !!
I recently completed a class in stained glass and realized that now that I had learned how to solder I could try my hand at soldered jewelry  (if you would like to see my soldered jewelry check out the jewelry postings listed in the right sidebar.)  After working on a few soldering projects I decided that I really needed to have my soldering workspace closer to a window for better ventilation, thus my new workstation was born.  I had recently purchased some additional shelving that is actually made to fit in a closet but we modified it by adding a shelf across the middle section where the clothes hanging bar goes.  It turned out really well and has been a great workspace.
If you have a studio workspace I would love to see some of your pics and hear about how you set yours up...all you need to do is make a comment on this post and add your blog link within the post.   Here are a few more pics of  my studio (as you can see it is not very organized right now, but I had several projects in process when I took these pics.)
Until next time.....I wish you Peace..........

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  1. Wow--that's some studio! My studio is the couch, the bed, waiting in the doctor's office, sitting right here next to my laptop, outside, park bench, etc. I crochet a lot, so I can bring my bag of tricks right along with me! Now that my kids are a bit older (8 and 6 years), we have donated so many big, bulky toys, and I just gotten back some space in the "back room." I'm thinking about getting a big pine table--here we can do homework, cut, paste, and fire up the sewing machine. I'm sure I'll blog about it in the near future.

    Thanks for becoming a follower. LOVE your hair cut in your little picture! I might be chopping mine soon :( Is it easy to style, maintain? Talk to you soon, Victoria