Like the caterpillar wrapped in a cacoon we are caught in the everchanging seasons of life. Growing, changing, evolving into the butterfly we know lies within. Just a little of my homespun philosophy ~ I hope you find your butterfly.

Many times when people look at the things I have made they want to know, how did you ever come up with that? Well, believe it or not there actually is a method to my madness ;) It almost always starts with an emotional response I have had to something I have either heard or seen. When an emotional chord is struck in me that usually gets my creative juices flowing. Sometimes I just start sketching or trying new ways to do a familiar project. When this "emotion based" art project begins to feel and look like what I have imagined in my mind's eye, I know how I want it to look when I am finished and just what I need to do to "tweak" the design a little.

Another avenue for creating that I have stepped into lately is a book I discovered called "Caffeine For The Creative Mind" by Stefan Mumaw and Wendy L. Oldfield. This book has some really great ideas to help you open up your creative thoughts and try new art experiments. I try to do at least 3 creativity exercises a week. I believe it's true what one of the chapters in the book said about creativity being a muscle, and that to make it stronger you have to exercise it.

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