Monday Morning Coffee Time
Just getting my first cuppa this morning and looking out at the lush green that is starting to grow in my yard....
This is the area of the yard we call the B & B for the Birds......Bath and Breakfast
The vine behind the Birdbath is clematis and the plants in the front are Lambs Ear, very soft fuzzy leaves.   In about a week the Lambs Ear plants will have light pink flowers at the top of the long stems.
I got a hanging plant of pink impatients last week at Lowe's for $5.98 and divided up the plants in the pot to fill in around the hostas and ferns.  It's a great way to get larger bedding plants without the larger price.
I was so sad when I got my terra cotta pots out this year and my biggest one had cracked and broke....so I decided to salvage what I could and took the broken pieces and lined one of my other planters instead of using gravel for drainage.
   I took the broken pot and "planted" it in the ground, then filled it with annual flowers and covered the edges with some of the area gravel to keep the dirt from washing away.  I'll post more pics as it fills out so you can see the results of this experiment.
This is our first attempt at using the upside down tomato planters....looks like we have a good start, this is about 2 weeks after we planted the tomato tower.  I'll post more pics as it grows.
Purple Petunias
One of our resident squarrels, he just finished breakfast from the corn we put out for them.  I'm hoping this will keep them away from the bird feeders!
Hope you are having a great start to your week.  Check back tomorrow for some highlights on my newest Etsy Listings and tag design projects in progress.

Until next time............I wish you......Peace


  1. What a lovely garden to look at as you wake up!

  2. SIMPLY put Beautiful wow you did a great job I love your garden
    The Rusty Thimble