Let me Entertain You


Let me Entertain you.

A life of entertainment is much like getting in a new york taxi cab on a busy Friday evening. It's a gamble. Taking into account that you may get a sensible driver, or one that you will evidently be risking your life with. Either way, they all speed at a wreckless rate in order to get you to your destination. Sometimes this car ride can be thrilling and you find yourself rolling down the window and enjoying the adrenaline rush of being alive. Other times you find yourself whispering obscenities under your breath and gripping the seat and the door handle praying that you arrive to where you are going in one piece. Sound dramatic? Then we are right on target. Welcome to the world of an artist and entertainer! Through these pages I will give you the highs and the lows of what leaps and obstacles my job brings to my artistry. You may find a connection to what I'm saying and relate that to your own artistic adventures, or you may simply enjoy the intriguing tales of what really goes on "backstage". 

We started off a few weeks back with our rehearsals in Los Angeles, California. Meeting a new cast is a lot like playing cards. You are hoping for a good hand, because what you are dealt is what you will be "playing" next to for the following 6 to 8 months of your life. Luckily I was met with an eager and exciting cast. You may think that everyone involved in performance is passionate and excited about what they do. Sadly there are people out in the entertainment world that are in it for the paycheck and not for the product. Thankfully the cast I am working with is wonderful. We have passion, energy, and emotion that is going to make for an exciting contract on board. 

Rehearsals were rushed as we learned 5 production shows in 2 weeks. Spending 8 hours a day in a room full of mirrors and no windows is a quick way to get to know your fellow cast members. This is just the beginning of a new kind of friendship. In life, many friendships develop over time. A coffee date here, and lunch date there and over the span of about a month you feel like you are starting to get to know someone. We cover that in about a week or less. Not only are you singing about love into the eyes of someone you've just met, you are trying to actually feel the emotion behind the words of the song. It's kind of like going into work for the first day and meeting a work colleague and saying "Hello, my name is Nicholas let's try falling in love with each other today and see how we go". You develop a bond with people you work with so much quicker, because you have to find a way to emotionally connect with them. 

I could say that this life is full of glitz and glamour, but there is such a trade off in this lifestyle of what many call "glamorous". While that may hold true some of the time, there are many sacrifices to be made. Chances of having a life with some sort of stability is slim. I feel like my life is always on the go, and that I am always saying goodbye. In retrospect my job offers a lot of excitement and adventure. The places I have been and the lessons I have learned have taught me some valuable things that have changed my pursuit of my art as well as my life. 

So let's begin our 8 month journey sailing up to Alaska and then down to Hawaii. 5 shows to open in 2 months, performances almost nightly for crowds of up to 1500 a show, and a behind the scenes look at the lifestyle of a singer aboard a cruise ship. Welcome Aboard!

Let Me Entertain You!!

This is our son Nicholas Novak, and the above clip is from some of the shows he has been in on Cruise Ships.

Once a month Nick is going to be a guest writer on my
page.  Nick will update us on his latest adventures in the Entertainment world, where he is currently traveling and about the shows he is in.
Until then here is another little clip from his dance reel.
I am starting a new page, Let Me Entertain You, that you will be able to click on at the top of the blog that will include new pics of Nick in his shows and his articles.

Until next time......I wish you Peace..........

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  1. Hi Carolee,
    Wow, your son is so talented!!! You must be so proud of him!
    Love the little button you made, it's so cute!