For day 8 of our art journal we were to pick a word that would exemplify what our focus for the year would be and use it in our journal art page.  This is the page I came up with and a short explanation of the word I picked and why.....

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to live this year with "No Regrets", but..
that is not my word for 2010.   My word for 2010 is

For me the two things are very tied together. Finding balance in my life includes no regrets or apologies for not being able to do everything. Meaning.....if I want to do art, I will have no regrets about the layer of dust on everything and 2 loads of laundry not being done that I am behind on.

Balanced heart (living blissfully) makes for a balanced life.
Until next time......I wish you peace...

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