Today I got to thinking that my readers might like to see where I work.....here at the Art Pod.   I finished getting my studio and supplies settled into their new home just recently and I am thoroughly enjoying my new space.   I still have some organizing to do but it was wonderful this fall when my busy Halloween season hit and I had such a wonder place to work in........

This area of the studio is dedicated to comfort!!  I have my morning tea time here and contemplate goals for the day.

This shot was taken from the staircase and pretty well shows the layout of the whole studio.

One of the things I did not get a picture of is the cathederal ceiling area of the studio.    The ceiling is all wood and adds a lot of visual warmth to the studio, while the 6 skylights at the highest part of the ceiling add the much needed natural light for doing my artwork.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour, until next time I wish you peace...............


  1. OK I'm jealous. You studio is fabulicious (a family word). You are so organized and neat. OMGosh ... I'd love to do art full time. But, my job supports my art habit. LOL Have super creative day.

  2. Oh, Pammyjo don't be fooled by the look of organization in my studio, ha, this is after all the clean up I did after my Christmas projects were all finished. It had quite a different look then I can assure you LOL! Thanks for your comments!

  3. How GORGEOUS Carolee!!! What a wonderful studio!!! Mine is such a jumbled mish mash! I do love it all ~ so very organized and lovely ~ thank you so much for visiting me Carolee and for your sweet words!!! I'll be back! hugs and love, Dawn

  4. Ohhh add me to the group of jealous- I LOVE the black and metal storage against the warm wood floors and that capiz shell light fixture is the perfect amount of glam! Only problem is I think I'd spend too much time staring at my awesome space and I'd never get to work, lol! Lucky gal!