As I stare at today's project at hand, this moment is looking a bit like a horror movie with a graveyard full of strewn monkey body parts everywhere.  How did it come to this  ????  this last minute frantic swizel of activity to make this pile of sock parts submissively congeal into a completed sock monkey.  Despite the clock tick, tick, ticking it's silent alarming cry......"has to be mailed today!! has to be mailed today!!" my mind swims with the excitement of crafting this stuffed bunch of sock pieces into a sock monkey rock star for my niece.
So for now dear void, I will be submissive to the silently screaming clock and attempt to get this one finished and in the mail today.....and will make an additional posting later this evening....wish me luck :)
Well believe it or not I DID actually get all of the sock monekys made and in the mail and delivered by Christmas!  It was really worth all the work cause everyone loved them.  Here are a few more pictures.

Fascinating !

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